LAVA Entertainment                      1560 Broadway Suite 1001, New York, NY 10036   (212) 605-3230


Vestments of the Gods                       Cole/Robot Santa      New York Fringe Festival 2014, Joey Brenneman

Spring Awakening                            Moritz                       MU Department of Theatre, James Miller

Anything Goes                                  Captain                     MU Summer Repertory, James Miller

The Music Man                               Marcellus                   Summit Theatre Group, Jay Coombes

Children of Eden                              Cain/Japeth               Piane Productions, Charlie Piane

Thoroughly Modern Millie                Jimmy                       Lees Summit West High School, Ben Martin

Violet                                               Flick                          Lees Summit West High School, Ben Martin


A Band of Angels                            Thomas/Chattel         NYC Children's Theater, Colman Domingo

A Midsummer Night’s Dream        Demetrius                  MU Department of Theatre, Dr. Cheryl Black

C’tait la Nuit                                  Storyteller                   Greenhouse Theatre Project, Elizabeth Palmieri

Romeo and Juliet                            Samson/Apothecary    MU Department of Theatre, Elizabeth Palmieri

Angels in America                           Belize/Mr Lies            MU Department of Theatre, Dr. David Crespy

The Amen Corner                          Deacon Douglass        MU Department of Theatre, Rev. Clyde Rufin

Hamlet                                           Laertes                        MU Department of Theatre, Dr. Kevin Brown


Personal Hygiene Video                  Host                          Marsh Media

AMC Employee Training Video     Theater Employee     AMC Theatres


BA in Theater Performance, University of Missouri

  • George C. Scott Acting Scholarship
  • Theater Curator’s Scholarship
  • Episcopal Actor’s Guild Scholarship


Dance: Basic Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Ballet, Hip-Hop

Music: Tenor, Directing and arranging A Capella music

Other: Unicycle Riding, Juggling, Stage Fencing, Solving a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute